About Jerry Peek

I took my first photos at age 7… my parents had good intuition! I’m mostly self-taught, though I took a graduate-level class at the University of New Mexico with a professor, Eric Johnson, who was making black-and-white photos of golf course greens. I learned a lot about abstract photography there and came to love it. Composition is especially important to me… I don’t know any formal rules; I’ve learned by looking at photos and paintings. By now I have some 80,000 photos (and have thrown away several times that many… I spend a lot of time looking at photos, picking the very best, and tossing the rest). Although I mostly shoot digital color now, black and white is my favorite because it emphasizes shape, texture and light. The photographer who’s influenced me most is Harry Callahan; I can’t get enough of his simple, elegant and mysterious compositions. People ask what kinds of things I photograph… my answer is “anything that interests me”… though, if I had to choose, I’d say modern architecture. I’ve taken hundreds of photos for The Tucson Murals Project blog, which is still going strong after almost 15 years.

For information about my original photo website, with photo tours from around the world (which needs a total re-make) and the publications/etc. where I've sold photos, please see About Jerry Peek Photography.